GUTS BUT NO GLORY: Why beheading videos may be a sign of Daesh desperation

By Zecharias Zelalem |||

Eerie music is playing in the background. Despite knowing the grim horrors of what is to come, any sane viewer who dares to watch one of these gruesome murder videos cannot help but hold his/her breathe. In the next scene of the video, a dozen or so men, hands tied behind their backs, are shepherded into an abattoir by two or three militants clad in long white tunics. One of them has a giant knife. The victims are forced to lie in a pile in a corner faces downwards. One by one, they are dragged off by the depraved barbaric militants who then cling them to meat hooks used to suspend sheep upside down in midair, and facilitate their slaughter. Except that instead of cattle as is custom, adult men, probably heads of households and sole breadwinners are the ones being forced to hang upside down awaiting their slaughter, or having already been killed, to facilitate the draining of their blood.… Read More GUTS BUT NO GLORY: Why beheading videos may be a sign of Daesh desperation


BLOODSHED IN GAMBELLA: Shades of an Inside Job

By Zecharias Zelalem ||| Just three days away from the first year anniversary of the massacre of twenty eight Ethiopians at the hands of a Daesh affiliated sect in Libya, the nation has been brought to her knees in fresh mourning yet again. In what sounds eerily similar to the recounts of mass killings committed against Bosniaks in Srebrenica and Tutsis in Rwanda, hundreds of ethnic Nuer Ethiopian civilians were slaughtered by what the Ethiopian government has described as rogue bandits who crossed the border from South Sudan. The death toll ranges from as low as 140 according to government estimates, to as high as 170 as reported by the France based Sudanese website Sudan Tribune. Despite the lack of images and on the ground reporting, the ghastly depictions of hundreds of defenseless women and children being killed at whim by a gang of blood thirsty marauding terrorists has plunged the Ethiopian nation into mourning, as we continue to ask the poignant questions that are never served with a satisfying answer: why always us?… Read More BLOODSHED IN GAMBELLA: Shades of an Inside Job