By Zecharias Zelalem ||| March 8 is upon us, and with it another day to reflect on the role women have or may not have in our respective societies. For Ethiopians, it has long been lauded as a day where we celebrate critical advances made in the endless fight to achieve gender equality, while unfortunately it is also a time where we lament the many impossible to ignore shortcomings that have our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters languishing in ordeals brought upon by chauvinist thinking and patriarchal norms from centuries aback.… Read More A RUEFUL MARCH 8th

National Flag Day conundrum

By Zecharias Zelalem

Yesterday was the eighth Ethiopian National Flag day, an annual holiday where the sanctity of the flag is remembered by the descendants of so many patriots who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the honour of the glorious tricolor banner. … Read More National Flag Day conundrum