What Twitter hashtags reveal about Ethiopians isn’t good

By Zecharias Zelalem ||| Ethiopia’s citizens throughout history have proven robust and resilient when it comes to countering state abuse and authoritarianism. The Mengistu Haile Mariam led regime behind the military siege that arguably contributed to many of the 1984 famine deaths for instance, was overthrown a few years afterwards by a coalition of rebel armies. Peasant rebellions against the imperial “blue blooded” aristocracy and student uprisings are part and parcel of often brutal chapters of Ethiopian history, often defined by struggles against tyranny or erasure. In retrospect, it can be fairly described as a country with a history of birthing selfless, fearless visionaries devoted to undoing the damage done by the power wielding elite. In this day and age meanwhile, the sword has been traded by the pen and tech savvy men and women have used the technological tools at their disposal to mobilize the justice seekers and freedom lovers to put a collective foot down against the establishing in Ethiopia of what has for many years been described as a police state.… Read More What Twitter hashtags reveal about Ethiopians isn’t good